Business Formation

Whether your business is large or small, handling legal issues skillfully is essential to running a successful and profitable operation. At Warr & Warr, PC, we have been a member of the local business community since 2005 and we understand the pressures that companies face when legal issues arise. Our firm has established Business entities in Rhode Island in various industries, offering each client personalized counsel from a Law Firm who has obtained strong results in a wide range of business matters for more than 20 years.

Not every business has the resources or inclination to retain in-house counsel that is wholly dedicated to protecting their interests on a full-time basis. At Warr & Warr, PC, our staff offers companies the comprehensive representation they need to deal with key legal concerns of running and maintaining their business. We assist in Business formation and discuss the many options for people who wish to launch a new venture. Our firm explains the advantages and drawbacks of various types of business entities including: Partnerships, Corporations and Limited Liability Companies.

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