About Our Firm

The Law Office of Warr & Warr, PC was founded in January 2005 by Ronald R. Warr, Jr. and Rebecca N. Warr. Though both had been practicing in their respective fields of law for many years, they decided to launch their Law Firm to incorporate their ideals and philosophies in the practice of a Family oriented Law Firm.

Ronald and Rebecca wanted to create Law Office that put people at ease. To accomplish this; they strive to create an office where people could call to speak to an attorney, not receive voicemails and messages.

It is the philosophy of the office that all phone calls are returned within 24 hours, if an attorney is unavailable when they call. It is the goal of everyone at Warr & Warr, PC to keep their clients informed and involved. This is a Family run Law Firm that strives to keep the focus where it belongs, on you, our client.”